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Buying a House

When it comes to BUYING properties, it is very important to do a lot of Background Work.

Because the seller and seller agent are representing their own interests at selling their products. Seller agent is not allowed to represent both sides under the law. Thus, the buyer has to be mindful and prepared themselves well.

Common Problems Faced When Background Work Are NOT Done
Man Measuring Window
Buy a defect property
Credit Card
Buy an overpriced property
Caught in legal dispute with seller
One problem will lead to more problems!
Worrying will inadvertently affect your life, family and work.... and you will NOT have any peace of mind during the entire process!
With more than 5 years of being a Bukit Merah Agent,
my team and I have a ready property's database.

Ranging from HDB, EC, Condo to New Launch.

Looking for a good buy? Drop Jackson a text.

 ⭐ Timeline

You definitely need to know how long it takes for you to have the house keys so that you can start shifting in. In the midst of the process, the sellers will request to adjust the timeline based on their own needs. Hence, you need to know the variable time factors such as option exercising period, sales completion period and extension period upon completion.

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Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 10.57.56 AM.png
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⭐ Financial Calculation

Failure to make payment in time can lead to the the forfeiture of hefty sum of option money or worst, legal action from the seller.

Hence, the stages of payment and the mode of payment have to manage well. The mode of payment is tied to these components:

i) Individual Financing

   - Cash outlay

   - CPF OA usable *

   - Loan amount eligible *

   * Depends on age, income status, number of current properties owned, type of loan

ii) Housing Type

   - Remaining lease

iii) Housing regulation

   - Stamp Duty BSD and ABSD (Citizenship status, number of current properties owned)

   - Total Debt Servicing Ratio, TDSR (Max 60% applicable to private)

   - Mortgage Servicing Ratio, MSR (Max 30% applicable to HDB and EC)

Jackson will sit down with you to go through the financial calculation and recommend a good banker or mortgage specialist if required.

Men with Calculator
⭐ Negotiation

You definitely need an active agent to protect your interest and negotiate against the seller in terms of pricing, timeline and housing conditions.

From viewing to the handover of keys, it is a long procedure. Jackson is there to ensure a smooth and safe journey for you.

⭐ Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor applies as what you see is what you get. Seller has no obligation to reveal all property matters as perceived necessary to the buyer.

Jackson will do a walkthrough with you in the flat and highlight the pointers before you commit to the purchase of the flat.

Installing Electric Cables
⭐ Spot Good-buy property

From your enquiry to searching of property, Jackson will list some good properties to buy for your reference. Besides that, he will provide property valuation report for your consideration such as SRX-report. He will share with you the property market and direction.

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