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Leading Teachers. Nurturing Next Generation

Mr Tan + Math

Mr Jackson Tan is a Math Educator and a former school teacher. For more than 14 years, he has spread the joy of teaching and learning Math to students and teachers. He is also the author of "I Excel in Math, so do you". He believes in making Math relevant and fun in learning.

Academic Achievement:

* Distinction in PSLE, GCE O Level Mathematics

* Diploma in Engineering with Distinction in Eng. Mathematics.

* BSc. in Mathematics (Merit), UniSIM

* Postgraduate MSc. in Mathematics, NUS

* NIE Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Learning

* International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

Professional Affiliation:

* Founder of Banyan Tree Math

* Member of NIE Association of Mathematics Educators

Research Area:

* Teaching & Learning Mathematics

* Mathematics Application in Real-life Situation

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