A fractional transaction is a transfer of shares in a property.

Decoupling: A(50%) sell to B(50%) becomes B (100%)

Mr A can sell his shares to Ms B and the following conditions are to be met:

  1. Such transaction are to be conducted at current market value

  2. BSD/ABSD/SSD applies based on the % of shares transacted

  3. If there is an existing housing loan, this needs to be fully repaid or Ms B needs to take over the loan (Refinance).

  4. If Mr Tan had used CPF money to pay for the property, this needs to be fully repaid with accrued interest

  5. Ms B needs to pay Mr A the full value of the shares she is purchasing from Mr A.

Prepare these for financial calculation
  1. Current market value

  2. Outstanding loan amount

  3. Total amount of CPF used + accrued interest for Mr A

  4. C