Everyday Life of a Property Agent

Updated: Aug 27

Property agents are self-employed and our income depends on what we do everyday. In order to do well in real estate, high level of self-disciplined is expected. As our life is not just about work, we need to balance our time with family, friends, me-time in keeping physically fit and mentally healthy.

This article will prepare new real estate salesperson in planning their daily routine as well as for the existing agent to reflect on their everyday activities.

Read News

One of the things I do in the morning is to read news in my phone. First, I read "Today" App lightheartedly because I want to know what's going on for Singapore and the outside world.

Being a professional, I keep myself updated too with the current news related to my industry. If you have the agent app, "Navis LinkUp", it makes it easier for you to read with the compilation of all the property news from EdgeP