Kena Scam by them!

Hello everybody! You may think that you are the only one who receive call or sms asking if you want to borrow money or buy random stuff like insurance, property launches...

Things isn't that bad if you compare with us the property agent. Everyday we are spammed with messages and calls. Because our number is listed in the public sites and advertisements, making it easy to find for anyone.

Yes, not only spam, but scammed too! We property agent are being cheated out of our busy schedule.

One seller that I met called me to say he wants to sell his property. Upon meeting at his house, we sit down and he would listen to my presentation on how I market his house. Then he started to ask me if I could lend him some money. I was set back by his words. I told him after selling the flat, he would have the money. He said he needed money urgently. He says, "If you lend me money, I would let you sell my house."

"Whoa!" Deep in my heart, I'm thinking that I dont even know this person. If I lend him money, the next day he say he dont want to sell the house anymore and denied in returning back of my money. There is nothing much I can do.