Selling Condo

Updated: Sep 2

This article is written for the preparation in the selling of Condo.

Eligibility to Sell

Seller should have their property ownership proof ready to be shown to the buyer.

For Executive Condo (EC)

After 5 years minimum occupation period, EC can be sold to Singaporean or SPR couples holding more than 3 years of PR citizenship. After 10 years, it is privatised and can be sold to both Singaporean and foreigner.

For Private Condo

It can be sold at anytime to both Singaporean and foreigner.

Seller Stamp Duties

Note that there is a seller stamp duty incurred for property sold in less than 3 years' holding period: 12% (Up to 1 year), 8% ( More than 1 year and up to 2 years), 4% (More than 2 years and up to 3 years).

Date of Purchase from the seller commonly refers to the date of Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement unless spec