What Happen to Surviving Co-Owners?

Updated: Sep 1

A couple owned a property. If a spouse passed away, what will happen to the property in terms of the change in ownership and the outstanding home loan?

Manner of Holding Property

In cases where the flat is held in joint tenancy, the deceased’s interest in the flat is passed on automatically to the surviving co-owner without the need for a transfer to the estate of the deceased. The surviving owner may lodge a Notice of Death (NOD) with the Singapore Land Authority, to ensure that the title deed reflects the change in ownership. HDB does not actively track when an NOD is lodged, especially if the NOD was lodged without HDB’s assistance.

In cases where the flat is held in tenancy-in-common, it depends on whether the deceased has a will or not. For more info about the will, click this link

Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

If you pay your HDB loan through your CPF, you are certainly under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) as it is mandatory. HPS kicks in to pay off the remainder of the housing loan once a borrower dies.