When it comes to Property Wealth Planning, it is very important to put in place GOOD PLAN!

Because it leads you to the lifestyle that you desire for yourself and your family.

Common Problems Faced When Property Wealth Planning Are NOT Implemented
Property Depreciating
No money for retirement
Cannot cash-out during emergency
One problem will lead to more problems!
Worrying will inadvertently affect your life, family and work.... and you will NOT have any peace of mind during your aging!
💡 Step By Step in building property wealth

You definitely need to identify which stage of life you are at.

Inflation kicks in as the standard of living is getting higher.

The average of a human lifespan is around 80 years old.


First 20 years being a student and last 60 years as a retiree usually have no income. Between the age of 20 to 60, what can you do to increase your wealth before you age?

Look at the Singapore Property Price Index for the past 20 years.

Property is the safest hedge to preserve and grow wealth.

HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is 5 years. Whereas current holding period for private property is usually 3 years due to the seller stamp duty.


How are you going to capitalise in this property cycle?

Jackson, a professional real estate insider, is there to advise you and your family throughout this lifelong property journey.

💡 R.O.I in HDB vs Private

The best of both worlds is to own a property that allow you to stay in and profit from the property value.

We will now look into HDB investment returns.

Wait a minute.

Why some HDB does not reflect the above? Worst still, the value drops.

For older HDB, there are also CPF limitation and loan restriction imposed.

So which type of HDB contribute to the overall increase of the HDB market?


Newly MOP flat.


Congratulation if you own one. But what's next?


Due to the huge amount of waiting time in bidding for BTO flat, construction and minimum occupation period, people explore other alternatives with better returns in the shortest period of time.

EC (Executive condominium) is subsidized by the government. It becomes fully privatised after 10 years of completion. It is popular among big families due to lower entry price and bigger living space compared to private condo.

Though the overall returns of EC is high, the construction time and MOP period is longer compared to private. Both private resales and BUC (Building Under construction) can sell anytime though sellers tend to sell it after 3 years to avoid seller stamp duty.

Everybody have different financial commitment and liabilities.

Engage Jackson for a chat to see if you can afford the housing you want.

💡 Asset Restructuring Strategy

R.O.I is important, so does individual needs and lifestyle. It is unwise for

❌ A big family with children to stay in a smaller apartment

❌ Young homeowners holding onto a depreciating value flat

❌ Buyer turning age 55 still has to work and pay for their loan

❌ HDB owners pay the same monthly instalment for their HDB instead of a condo

A right asset should improve the lifestyle of the people. Here are common cases of buying and selling:

✅ Big families with children moving to a bigger flat

✅ Young couple upgrading to a property with better appreciation value

✅ Elderly couple downsizing to a smaller flat for retirement

✅ Aspiring HDB owners owning a 2nd private property and positive rental yield without any depreciation value in their HDB

Have a chit-chat with Jackson to explore various options in your current situation.

💡 Entry and Exit Strategy

Entry Strategy is to buy low. Exit Strategy is to sell high.

Sounds simple?

Well, it is forgotten that buying a right property is far more important than selling. Because the property itself is able to fetch a high selling price in the future. Besides buying, it is equally important to have the holding power before a sale is made.

Buying new launch is popular among investors due to the paper gain over the phases of the launch. However, new launch is not suitable for everybody due to the amount of waiting time for it to be constructed.

Not sure if it's right to move to HDB, EC or Condo?

Contact Jackson for a plan. Rest assured that there is no force-sell involved.

© 2020 Jackson Tan (CEA Reg. R056398Z | L3009250K)

© 2020 Jackson Tan (CEA Reg. R056398Z | L3009250K)