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Cute Girl

Should I hold or

buy next property?

💡 Case Study

Before I met Mr and Mrs Yang,

they own a HDB and are

paying off their housing loan every month.

After seeing HDB decaying lease and compounded CPF accrued interest, they knew this is not the wise way to manage their money.

❌ They do not want to lose out $100k or more by

holding onto the wrong property!


They ask this question.

What should we do now?

💡 Do you know?

By age 65, property will be fully paid.

By then, is the money enough for your comfortable retirement?

After showing different housing type

⭐ Pros and cons

⭐ Profit based on data

⭐ Affordability and suitability

Mr and Mrs Yang make 6-digit profit through my journey with them.

Hear what Mr and Mrs Yang say

Do you want to know

your housing options?


Here's the opportunity to find out more!

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