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Build your Success in Real Estate Career

No. 1 Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore
Why does more than 12,000++ Agents believe in us?
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The Champion Division
3600+ Members, 100+ Leaders, 18+ Millionaires
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Quality Trainings
Comprehensive Training Video accessed anytime, anywhere
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Superior Technology
Empower ourselves with even more powerful tools for our business
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Consumer Prospecting & Seminars
One of the key factors why PropNex agents always close more be it in New Launches or Resale
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Propnex Project Benefits
Singapore #1 Largest Real Estate Agency, Edge over JMAs, earn full commission & get more project opportunities
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JTA Sales Breakthrough
How to Get More Leads, Exclusive, Referrals and Stick with You
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Propnex Office
State of the art modern offices and backend support elevating our image & business
Procedure in Joining Us
For RES who pass their exam or Experienced Agent
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